23 comments on “Molly Norris

  1. She is an American Hero! And Comedy Central should make their logo a white flag. It’s terrorism through and through. And this is a “non-violent” way to push back. Unfortunately, I fear for her life. Where are all the “Peace-Loving” (cough) muslims who live here legally and enjoy the liberty of our First Amendment? We won’t find them anywhere. Cowards.

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I think this is AWESOME, and will be inviting EVERYONE to join this!!! I’m waiting for the media to go after islam like they have the Catholic Church…… But they won’t, in fear of “offending” muslims worldwide and succumbing to censorship of the WORST kind!!!

  3. HERE I AMMM a peace-loving muslim (: and what she is doing is wrong, and the threats that muslims send are also wrong, islam means peace.. People, muslim or non-muslim, fail to understand that..

    • Do you mean wrong because it’s against Muslim Law? Or because it may incite Muslims? Would like to hear more of your point of view…
      (The Peaceful Muslim POV, not always the loudest voice out – if you know what I mean)

      • “The Peaceful Muslim POV, not always the loudest voice out – if you know what I mean”
        Er.. No. I don’t know what you mean. The peaceful Muslim POV (also the main Muslim POV) isn’t represented in the mainstream media. People’s perceptions of Muslims are so wrong.

  4. I am a peace loving Muslim and this quite honestly annoys me. All we ask for is RESPECT for our religion whether you agree or don’t agree. Islam means peace. There are extremist in every religion.

    • I can respect anyone who is a truth-seeking, peace-loving individual. I also respect anyone who criticizes my religion. (Well let me clarify, I respect their right to criticize) I think the truth can stand against someone’s opinion, joke, cartoon or even blasphemy. What we MUST hear in North America, is the Islamic peace-loving voice. I’ve not heard it, and I don’t think I’m in the minority. Start preaching it!

      • Islam is more than religion to me. It’s my way of life. I understand that we are entitled to freedom of speech but if how is insulting someone’s religion constructive and what do you want to achieve by that? You don’t draw pictures of prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Not acceptable.. in the slightest. I’m not from America but I don’t agree with your last statement. People choose not to hear to Islamic peace-loving voice. We shouldn’t have to preach it. Go out into the real world, you’ll soon enough see.

  5. And my way of life is my religion to me. However, I don’t expect you to abide by my way of life. Let me live it, but that’s about it. When things like the Danish cartoons happen, we don’t hear about Islamic leaders asking for tolerance or understanding, we hear about Fatwah’s, murder, Jihad and Holy War. Where can I hear the voice of the moderate Muslim?

    (I have traveled – although only a little bit, and in Malaysia, a moderate Muslim nation, I felt safe, peaceful, accepted and welcomed. I loved it!)

  6. Fair enough, I respect that. I’m not asking you to live my way of life. What I do ask is that people don’t insult our Prophet. What did that Danish cartoonist aim to achieve by drawing our prophet in that way? All it does is cause insult. He knew it would be controversial create an outrage. Is it that hard to be tolerant? Don’t depict our prophet like that and you won’t get extremists threats. I don’t agree with the threats but I certainly don’t agree with people drawing images of our prophet especially in a degrading manner. I don’t think it’s fair that Islam gets a hostile media coverage when it’s people who participate in things like this that egg on the extremists.

    • Exactly what Ayan said (: we totally disagree with all the extremists but it’s other people that egg them on. I know it’s wrong to be extreme in the first place. But certain people just provoke them and it makes things worse. Like this ‘draw the prophet day’ thing up there ^^^^^^ what exactly, is the point?

  7. Peace loving people should not let the issue get confused. Those who use violence or threaten the use of violence against peaceful individuals are the problem.

    No matter how offended someone may be towards me or anything I believe in, I would never wish them harm or others to harm them.

    To sympathize with the extremists is to support them

    • “Those who use violence or threaten the use of violence against peaceful individuals are the problem.”
      Peaceful individuals? I’m sorry but do you honestly think that the people doing this are peaceful? No, because they are provoking billions of people. How many times do you see the name of Islam being trashed and accused of terrorism? Too many times to count. Because of the media, people have a twisted idea of Islam. And even now, people are judging Islam based on the actions of the Muslims. You have to understand, Muslims are not perfect but Islam is. We’re human being just like everybody else, therefore we have flaws and make wrong choices based on our emotions. I don’t agree with the death threats, but I do understand where they are coming from. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is highly valued in our religion. We value our Prophets more than ourselves let alone our families. So you people shouldn’t be surprised that many Muslims react so strongly against this, so much so that they actually send death threats. They are lashing out just because others gave them a reason to. This drawing-thing isn’t freedom of speech. This is another way of harassing my religion, so don’t expect us to sit down and let them insult us. Freedom of speech should go hand in hand with respect and I don’t see no respect in this. It’s just another way to make other people believe that it is okay to make fun of other people and that you can use the name of “Freedom of Expression” whilst doing it. It is just unnecessary and will just cause more problems and tension.

      • I’ve seen ‘PBUH’ a few times now. Is that ‘Peace Be Unto Him’ ? Just wasn’t sure what the acronym stood for…

  8. this is Really Pathetic.
    Just bcoz of Few extremists, why Offend and Hur the Feelings of muslims of WHOLE WORLD??

    What have other 99% of muslims done to Molly Norris or other ppl?

    we muslims want to spread peace and Expect Respect of our beliefs,,,

    but when such Morons start to insult ALL muslims,,bcoz of just few stupids, what could be done?

    Now she will see that what she has done.

    I Believe we all are human beings and freedom of speech NEVER EVER means that syou start Insulting the Sentiments and personal beleifs of others.
    that is so sick,,,to call such Non-sense as Freedom of speech.

  9. No way,
    You can not destroy my faith.
    No way, you can not destroy my love for he prophet Muhammad .
    No way,
    You can not deceive this world by trying to spread lies about Muhammad.
    You will answer for this you just can not go on and on with your slanders against the man of god.
    god will never for give you.
    God never be with you you will have to change your path to leave your hatred to be god.

  10. All the freedoms of speech are forgotten when you deny holocaust. In fact many so called free countries have laws against denying Holocaust. I dont understand what freedom of speech is for the westerners.

  11. What is this freedom of speech etc crap.Does this mean you tramp on another person’s liberties and do not respect those? Or does it mean that you live like animals?Even animals have ethics to avoid stepping into other’s territories but these socalled champions of freedom like this woman are a lower species than the animals.They would express their freedom by going out naked,showing explicit sex in their movies,parents do all those things in front of their kids that are normal for the animals and then they try and force such behavior on others.And they do some thing which no animal would do;Gay marriage.Look inwards and you will find what is this stunt by this woman?It is the desire to become notorious overnight.Her looks suggest she had no chance of this otherwise.

  12. What is Freedom of speech? many People use freedom of speech as insult other human then apology when they realize They’re totally wrong page. These people are selfish. They’re animals ,or lower than animals. Don’t say Freedom of speech If you’re not sure what you’re saying. Don’t blind eye then say Freedom of Speech. Prophet MOHAMMAD (PBUH) is best human on this earth and After this world. That’s no need you admit if you don’t bilieve that.

  13. You people are such hypocrites and liars. Why are there laws for racism, sexism, antisemitism then if it’s all about freedom of speech. It’s common sense what is offensive and what isn’t. If I say that all the people that got killed in 9/11 was a good thing, that a kid with down syndrome deserves other kids poking fun at him, that all Jews are dirty selfish dogs, that Molly Norris dead parents were prostitutes, murderers and rapists – is that all regarded as freedom of speech. Look in the states you would get sued for making comments that are a million times less offensive than these. The facts are that it’s freedom of speech when abusing certain groups of people but offensive when geared towards other groups of people.

  14. What is wrong with the Muslims who keep going on about peace. Islam only means peace with people who are at peace with you. If you stood up to Hitler to save the innocent Jews being killed you would be regarded as a hero. Would you kiss someone who was about to enter your house and kill and rape your family. How can anyone in the US talk about peace with the most brutal history – overthrown democratically elected governments in Iran, Chile, Guatemala etc. Backed tyrant oppressive regimes like Saddam, Noriega, Pinochet, Suharto and continues to do so with money and weapons. Regimes that have slaughtered, tortured and killed millions of people. Then they talk about peace.

  15. LOL – freedom of speech hypocrites. That’s why my last comment was removed. Typical lies and double standards.

    • Dude, I don’t remove any comments. Unless I find them to be SPAM. It just takes me time to see that I have them, then approve them. No censorship here…

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