2 comments on “VANOC: “Death to all Humans”

  1. To the naysayers, I offer:
    – Joannie Rochette not only performing but skating to a bronze medal mere days after her mother — who had come to Vancouver to watch her — died of a heart attack;
    – the Canadian women mopping the ice with the U.S. women’s hockey team in the gold medal match;
    – Alex Biledeau’s inspirational gold medal – Canada’s first gold of the Games – and dedication of that medal to his handicapped brother;
    – Clara Hughes donating her cheque for her bronze medal to a worthwhile children’s charity;
    – enjoying sunny, 15 Celsius temperatures while experiencing the Winter Olympics in your city;
    – I could go on.
    The death of the Georgian luger was just awful, and cast a dark shadow over the start of the Games. Since then, despite the weather challenges at Cypress, these Olympics have rocked!
    A record 8 gold so far for Canada, with more to come.

  2. Thanks James. We may not be owning the podium, but we’ve a good chance at leading the gold medal haul, and Vancouver, one of my favourite places, is getting the exposure it deserves. Go Canada!

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