5 comments on “DePopulation: Canada’s in on the Action

  1. yea, heard that on the news… the Climate conference hoopla is giving that one-child idea more momentum. Less people, less emissions, so let’s contracept and abort our countries into oblivion! Based on this week’s weather, however, I’d gladly welcome a little global warming. I say, Bring on the kids!!!

  2. Wow. A couple “gems” in that op-ed: “Humans are the only rational animals but have yet to prove it” – what, because we don’t abort the second born??? “[In China] all it’s citizens have homes… and they are not overpopulated” – I wonder if Ms Francis has ever been to China. I haven’t, but I’m pretty sure they’d have a few homeless people, and they’re certainly not underpopulated!! Oh, did anyone mention China is communist?!?

    • This, ‘the world’s overpopulated’ myth has been advanced by Al Gore and his ilk for decades. The real problem is over-consumption by the West. Al can buy all of the green credits he wants, as long as he’s jet-setting between his mansions all over the world, and thinks he has the right to do that, I don’t see how he can deny it as the dream for the other 6.5 billion of us on the planet. These people are hypocrites, however if they’d consider personalizing the over-population theory by doing themselves in, not too many of us would argue.

  3. So if we have a one child policy, do the oilsands keep going? Seeing as too many kids are the problem, we could triple production of the “dirty oil”, right?

  4. You’re right. After I re-read this, I’m thinking it’s got to be a joke, or a poignant stab at China’s atrocities. I just can’t imagine a Canadian promoting this. We have 32 million people living in the second largest country, with scads of resources (clean, dirty and otherwise) and this morning it was -26. I’m thinking of having more kids just to help me shovel the driveway.

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