5 comments on “Put Your Hands Up

  1. Nooooo! the pictures don’t work. Let me see, let me see! I’ve been doing a couple of these a day for the past few weeks. Yesterday, sewed up some guy’s deltoid (girlfriend stabbed him). I know for many, it’s not their cup ‘o tea, but I like it!

  2. Gives me the shivers … all things we get to look forward to as our kids continue to grow up I guess … at least I’ll know who to call for advice – guaranteed Randy and Jude wouldn’t handle things as well as your father/son team did! Glad everyone is okay.

  3. thankful there was no dismemberment! was in the detention centre near ipoh the other day, and the first V. i met was missing the first knuckle on index, middle and ring finger of his right hand. construction accident.

    give my love to avery. and a popsicle.

  4. Unfortunate update, wound re-opened 8 days after stitching. Stitches had been out for 1 day. looked much worse the second time. The doctor did an incredible job of re-stitching, it won’t open this time. Will have a Frankenstein type scar though…

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