One comment on “Are you my Mother(s)?

  1. Keep up your vigilant watch on bioethics issues! The public does not truly understand what is going on and how serious the current scientific issues have become especially in this new age of biological advancements. The media has a lot to do with the public’s ignorance by presenting slanted facts about the “benefits” of science. The media tend to avoid any real discussion on how scientific advances will affect us socially (eugenics) and financially. They also ignore the dangerous public health and safety issues that we now face from new biological advances which more than likely have already made people very ill. The public is clueless regarding these dangers. The scientific community wants to keep it that way.

    In fact, the scientific community does a fine job in “covering up” any scientific misconduct to avoid public discontent and to avoid any perspective regulations. And without effective regulations and oversight, the public will never find out just how “out of touch” the scientific community has become regarding public health and human right issues.

    Medicine and science are primarily driven by economic principles and not by altruistic endeavors as the public is led to believe. And at the helm are the rich and powerful who guide science in a direction for their own self interests to obtain power and money. Ironically, the public essentially pays for this science exploration; all the while the direction of science does not prioritize public health or the public’s interests.

    The public has a naive perception that scientists have more ethical qualities and behaviors than other professionals. But in actuality, the scientific culture is a cut-throat environment. Scientists are driven by power, ego and greed which lead to highly competitive and unsavory behavior. No effective regulations, equals no effective oversight, equals continued public ignorance regarding misconduct.

    I am all for the advancement of science. But how science today is being managed and directed without regard to human dignity and human rights is obscene.

    That is why you should continue to keep watch on bioethical issues and help inform the public. Also it is important not to financially support any private scientific research foundation no matter how much they try to “pull your heart strings”. Until you see a change in scientific policy, where adequate regulations and oversight are in place and the public’s interests is appropriately prioritized, stop giving your hard earned dollar to these agencies. These foundations directly and indirectly sustain the current scientific leadership who support a direction of science that does not value human dignity, human rights and public health and safety.


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