5 comments on “Putting Down Roots

  1. They did a show about this man on TLC a little while ago and it was very heartbreaking. The Dr. offered to help him but at the end of the show it said he has refused treatment and is still traveling with the freak show, something he apparently hated doing. Very sad!

  2. first off…
    “dont look now…but look right behind me…ok, is he holding his arm in a weird position or what…..wait, is there something wrong with his tree root like arms?..oh, my bad.” (remember me..im your concience striking again)

    second, i saw merik AGAIN yesterday “why no this guy chris he call me back, i leave him 2 times messages!”…you gotta call him so that i dont have to deal with his tears over you not responding to him. 🙂

  3. at first i thought this was a still photograph from one of the pirates at the Caribbean flicks.
    and sometimes, if i’m honest, i hesitate to click on your blog link because i don’t like seeing it. especially while eating. is that bad?
    maybe joben your conscience could let me know.

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