2 comments on “Margaret Thatcher, Al Gore and God – at a Cocktail Party

  1. Hello, well i am back after a long long break and am i glad i did, coz this one piece certainly raced my pulse :)…I read about CERN in Dan Brown’s ‘Angels & Demons’ (which btw is a a real cool book for all the ideas it puts forth and NOT the sensationalization it brings) so anyways..our teacher told us of a lab where scientists did an experiment with accelerating the particles such that when they were received at the other end with the time eing -ve i.e. less than time 0 (faster than light!!!)

  2. So time travel as in back to the future scenario might be a little far fetched but i am sure there may be other processes tht work in fractions of seconds that could be tampered with…. transferrence of data, nuclear reactions etc…wow! when ppl are investing this heavily into a research you be sure that something’s cooking….Please do keep us updated with whens and whats of this experiment …already halfway through May, noo news yet??? 🙂

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