3 comments on “Jackson+Spielberg+Herge(Tintin)=$$$$

  1. Hey Chris- found you! now we can be real life friends AND blogging friends. I thought of Spencer today when I made my coffee because I got Kicking Horse coffee called Three Sisiters and when we were playing sherades Spence guessed Three Sisiters when your bro tried tricking us with his mountian/heart monitor drawing… too cute. anyways I love Tintin too! and I love that actor… hes the one playing in it? when we were in Belgium I found a huge store just dedicated to Tintin… apperantly hes huge there. Have a good day!!!

  2. Of course he’s huge here in Belgium 🙂
    I just read the story, it’s almost unbelievable that this kid who’s playing Tintin is about to turn 18! I checked it in wikipedia but it’s true… Some of my pupils of 13 look older than him.

  3. The picture he appears in here makes him look very young. He’ll fit the Tintin profile. Apparently many people are concerned about the Tintin of old: racist, youthful (always outsmarting adults) and violent. I’ve never thought about him as any of these things, just a good-hearted adventure seeker. Every boy wants to be kind of like that don’t they…

    Is Tintin a national hero in Belgium Jonas?

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