9 comments on “sWiit

  1. I’m thinking of a whole evening of Wii entertainment and Carcassone to follow. Might take a whole day. Hey, thanks for the comment!When can I look forward to your blog?

  2. the nerd factor at the kooman household has definitely increased exponentially. congrats. i’ll take you down in bowling.

    really think the 1 hour limit will work? is that combined or individual time? proud of you, dad.

  3. The blog won’t be happening anytime soon! Right now I’ll just stick to reading everyone else’s. Hmmmm, do we have to fight the kids for Wii time or do we just banish them to the basement?
    By the way, did you find the tweezers?

  4. I so wanted a Wii but my siblings wanted a PS2 besides my budget seriously did not allow for that either :(…I remember the Atari days though my brother and I loved Contra and Rush n Attack plus the little car racing games….makes me almost nostalgic 🙂

    So do tell me is Wii all that, that it is hyped to be?

  5. I haven’t played Wii too much yet. But the interactivity of it is outstanding. I’m amazed at how the motion of the controller is picked up by the reciever. So far I’ve only played tennis, bowling and Super mario Galaxy, but I’m very impressed. I’m sure there are games that don’t use the sensitive controller, but the ones that do add a totally new element to gaming. I’m hooked.
    What’s really cool is that it makes sense even to my 5 year old.

  6. I’m a wee bit behind — don’t have one yet — and I’ll date myself by saying that my first video game system was a Colecovision, purchased with proceeds of a newspaper route. These were the pre-Mario Donkey Kong days. I also recall (what seemed like) a state-of-the-art joystick controller that I bought, which allowed you to throw curveballs in baseball.

  7. Well I never had Colecovision, but we did own the Atari rip-off Bentleyvision that my parents got for free for visiting a time-share presentation at Radium. It did come with Pong though.

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