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  1. Interesting post….there´s a book by Tom Clancy out there by the name of “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” which in other things is about Star Wars and the laser you where mentioning….if the Chicoms have developed the laser then my friend that is scary stuff.

  2. Thanks for the comment. You know, now the articles I’m reading mention the Chinese used a missile. But I could have SWORN that in the initial reports it was a laser. I need to do some more looking on this topic.

  3. Great post! I’m also partial to your second theory. The purported hydrazine danger seems just the nudge a passive public would need in order to think, “Thank you, safety-minded government,” and not give the shoot-down any critical thought. BTW, the price tag on the missle conversion needed to shoot down this satelite was $30-40 million.

    Robert Burns’ (AP) report on the US 193 sayas it “…carried a sophisticated and secret imaging sensor.” I find it interesting that this sentence is in the past-tense… I’ll bet $40mil that US 193 is CURRENTLY carrying…

  4. I think you nailed it on the head with the passive public. This sort of assauges their guilt/conscience/boredom/apathy.

    I’ve heard about these ‘price tags’. We’re talking about money the US has already spent in most cases, or is spending anyways. I’m trying to imagine the money that would need to be spent:
    – money for the development/creation of the missile = already spent
    – money to pay the crews on the ships and the engineers/brains behind the operation = spent or being spent currently
    – deployment of the ship = already deployed, being spent anyways

    How does this cost $40 million?
    I’ve seen dollar values made public after police operations to catch a criminal or break a drug ring (etc). Wouldn’t those cops be getting paid anyways? This just proves the money we’re already spending is actually being used to do things. Suddenly we’re successful at completing something and then we have to pay out?
    I’m confused.

  5. Well, another thing that adds to the passive public, “Thank you, safety-minded government,” aspect is the fact that the safety portion of the hydrazine entry in Wikipedia prior to Dec. 2006 only said, “Hydrazine is highly toxic and dangerously unstable, especially in the anhydrous form.” This can be seen through archive.org, (previously waybackmachine.org…) at:

    Here’s the current entry:


  6. The Chinese used a land-based missile . They had earlier “painted” a US satellite with a laser, blinding it in effect.

  7. Thanks for the update. I’m assuming painting another’s country with a laser is indeed an international no-no. Why, I wonder, is China putting up such a fuss over the Americans doing their own satellite in?

  8. Wow, the media continues to disappoint…

    Yahoo is carrying an updated report (2-21-08) from Robert Burns and Lolita C. Baldor (AP) about how ‘successful’ the shoot-down went last night. They mention that the “…military is tracking the debris as it falls over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.”

    If I have my geography right, there is land in between the Atlantic an Pacific… is this intelligent debris, that somewhow falls selectively?

    I can’t tell from the graphic at the top of this post, but it would seem that the path of the satilite was West-to-East, meaning that the military chose to shoot down the satelite over the Pacific in order to ensure that the ensuing debris field would be our own soil, our own neighborhoods, increasing the likelihood of government recovery of sensitive material at the cost of citizen exposure.

    Nice. Thank you, safety-minded government.

  9. Hmm… in the past few hourse the AP has amended the report I refered to above, removing the portions I quoted and touching-on-but-glazing-over many of the legitimate concerns on this thread.

  10. Isn’t it interesting how the web allows for the immediate transfer of information. What is equally as interesting is that those things can be amended, changed, and nobody really knows what exactly is going on. We have only our memories to rely on. (That’s not good news for a guy like me) I wonder what we’ll be hearing in the days to come…

  11. “They mention that the “…military is tracking the debris as it falls over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.””

    Most likely means that the remains of the missile impact fell over the Pacific Ocean and the satellite debris fell into the Atlantic. It is rocket science after all, and remember that there two things impacted and had a kinetic exchange of energy at ~5km/sec. Thats 5km per second relative speed.

  12. I allowed this comment, even though the URL doesn’t work, but it’s a fair question. Last year when this stuff was going on, I was very interested in the details. I’m fascinated (well interested in, anyways) US foreign policy, American military technology (which as far as I know is still the best in the world), and conspiracies. This story has all of these great elements. Makes for interesting reading I figure…

    I am at times overly critical, probably because they’re capable of so much good, but am keenly aware of the good they do already.

  13. about structure silent missile 3 process by america war ship connect to china and i know as taepodang get control it so i already fix new challenger call for mirv use cloud citrus air circulation ,get information test missile at defense department this create by indonesia defense minister .

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