3 comments on “To Whom it May Concern:

  1. Actually what I fail to understand is tht why does America has to be the one taking the burden of making ‘peace’ in the world :)…it often ends up in more disaster, pretty ironic and actually sad.

    So wht’s the story with Venezuala? I don’t know about tht one, kindly let me know?

  2. I’m not sure about why America thinks it has to be the world police. I guess one reason would be that it doesn’t want to upset it’s own consumer based economy by having to be distracted by fighting or arms races with countries on other sides of the world. I’ve read an interesting theory stating that when the American people are concerned about wars and rumours of wars, they purchase more goods to keep themselves distracted and satiated. You’re right about the more disaster thing though. Foreign policy is pretty poor right now. THere is no doubt many people doing what they think is right, and trying to help, however many, many things are going wrong.
    With the latest suicide assassination in Pakistan, the world just proves to be unstable.

  3. I’m myself not in Pakistan right now and frm the reports I’ve seen on TV the situation is pretty bad 😦 ….God help us Amen

    Tht thing you mentionedd abt not wanting to disturb the consumer market really is interesting, maybe if u get time u can read this book Brethren by John Grisham, it explains the war propaganda nicely….still this theory tht u’ve mentioned may be explained better by some economist, I’ll love to look into it.

    btw do remember my country in your prayers plz

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