8 comments on “Why Should I Care?

  1. I can’t see the footage, courtesy of the dialup I dont have a broad band connection 😦 anyways….

    well there really is a vast menu to choose from but wht are dolphins if even premature or still babies are consumed…a few years back I remember reading a story about people eating a human foetus, featuered in National Geographic.

    But you know what someone who kills or cuts becomes immunized to the tug at heart when slaughtering something be it a butcher, killer or even a surgeon…being of tungsten will is the requirement nay?

  2. btw Dolphins really ARE adorable creatures and very intelligent too, I remember a whole school or is it the shoal? of dolphins jumping besides our ship when we were in the Red Sea once, while going towards Jordan…but I hope to visit a petting zoo of Dolphins once in my lifetime..

  3. My wife swam with them in Mexico. It was an unforgettable experience for her. I agree, butchers have a job that they need to get used to, but butchering and torturing are two different things. I think if you saw the footage you’d know what I mean. I was also kind of grossed out that people eat horses. Then I tried some. It was tasty. I just think of them as more of a work animal than food.
    I am very disturbed to hear that humans eat foetuses. What part of the world is that happening in? That’s beyond terrible!

  4. I just saw the clip, it WAS horrible especially the way the dolphins convulsed after getting the first cut….You know in our religion we have an festival we call Eid and on that day Muslims round the world slaughter goats, cows or camels but it is mandatory that while slaughtering them the first cut should be such that the animal dies instantly, so that it may not feel any pain….butchering and torturing ARE two different things
    I don’t think those ppl realize how lucky they ar eto have such an intelligent and friendly animal in their whereabouts, we don’t exaclty have any in Pakistan 😦

  5. Well that thing abt ppl eating foetuses as appeared in Nat Geo was about Japan too I think, it was some 7 or 8 yrs ago so I don’t remember clearly…

    Besides tht I saw a documentary where a woman in Afghanistan told the presenter that her mother in law made her eat the boiled foetus, she had aborted because it will make it grow back! Deep inside our less previliged regions of Asia even my own country,where ppl are totally illeterate strange things happen 😦

  6. What I need to keep in mind is that there are many things going on in the world that surprise me. It’s hard for me not to be judgemental. I apologize for using my own judgements/convictions to judge others. There are certainly times when I take my own ideals and project them onto others. I hope to get better at that.

  7. I think it’s a cultural thing, right down to the method of killing. I haven’t watched the video yet (I’m going to assume it’s NSFW), but I probably will once I get some place where I don’t have to worry about people seeing what’s on my screen. But I do think it’s just a cultural tradition that hasn’t died yet. In Japan’s past, dolphin was probably a very good source of food and rather cruel methods were employed to kill the dolphins because that’s all there was. I don’t know why stuff like this doesn’t die off when it becomes unnecessary, but the same thing goes on with Native American whale hunts. It’s just a tradition that refuses to concede that it’s no longer needed. Of course, for Native Americans, there’s a religious aspect to it, too, so maybe that’s in play here.

  8. Good point. I’m sure this has been going on for hundreds of years. I know Inuit and Native populations do this still, however, they’re only catching one or two at a time. Not hundreds. I’m still disgusted.

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