2 comments on “Is That a Wand in Your Pocket?

  1. Yeah. I read about that and just didn’t understand what possible way this “announcement” has added to the stories (er..movies as I have not read the books). I could care less if he’s gay. Wouldn’t change my opinion on the characters OR the stories, which I REALLY enjoy…I just didn’t see any value except for shock value as she knows there are some “conservatives” who have made a big deal about the magic/wizardry (read: occult) ideals that the stories develop…some people just have nothing better to do. Maybe she was bored.

  2. As far as what is fit for the children to see or not has become quite confusing now…Ok I’m not that old but my 10 year old li’l sister who’s 12 years my junior is a lot more wise and knowlegeable in things I never was…cause TV and internet

    Somethings are good, like the children depending on their own to learn a lot but as I see, even the cartoons today often teach alternate morals and ethics, for example being the class rebel makes you popular, scantily dressed teachers over whom little boys drool, more stress on fun and frolic than goals and achievements etc etc

    Hehe now I may be sounding like a conservative here but I guess you are right in stating that some things we should let them be…rather than pinpoint to make them innecessarily marked

    P.S. Haven’t read Harry Potter series myself but many of my friends are crazy about it too…Somethings are universal 🙂

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