2 comments on “What’s In a Name?

  1. I often ask my parents why they named me what they did becuase my name comes from an Arabic word and means “fourth”…however they had named me after a pious Lady saint who is well known for her strong morals in our religious history….Still no meaning hehe…but still there is much in a name…

    Of Christian names that I’ve heard I really like Jeff and Shannon(kinda musical)…but I don’t know their meanings though.

    But I’ve hardly heard of Ivon and Irwin except for reading about them in novels and I can’t figure out why people name their kids after colours Mr Brown, Black etc…any special reason??

    One more question though: your kids have names with some special meanings or are they after some famous people like mine? I heard Rebecca is the English name for mine 🙂 Nicholas and Christian were names of some Saints I think??

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