4 comments on “Rambo, Burma’s Calling

  1. Maybe the macho type Rambos are a myth, but I remember watching a movie of Robin Williams based on Vietnamese war, in that he develops a crush on a Vietnamese girl and for that he gets to teaching the ppl there English, besides doing morning Radio shows that are lively and very friendly.

    He ends up having a large fan following as well as making people happy during such difficult times…Maybe absolute peace is difficult to achieve but ppl like such could give others some moments of pure bliss and satisfaction

  2. Thanks for posting that article on your site, Andrew (it is Andrew, isn’t it — I can never keep these Kooman boys straight!).

    I’ve found this whole Burmese situation very distressing — first the uprising, and the courage of these people who took to the streets en masse against unjust rulers who remain in power only by the gun; and the example of the monks; then the suppression and massacre of the protesters, and the relative lack of information that got out; and now the protests dying down again, although I’m sure people there are finding unique ways to protest all the time. That photo of the dead monk lying face down in the river is awful, and one I hadn’t seen before. The relative lack of interest/action from the rest of the world.

    Gotta give some credit to U2; Burma was on their radar long before it was fashionable (check the liner notes for All That You Can’t Leave Behind).

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