11 comments on “Two Step or Tennessee Waltz?

  1. Have been hearing tid bits of news from here and there about the visit and have heard various views…some angry and some happy…

    Being not on either of the sides I want to actually know what is the reason for each sides for their views…Can you plz tell me as to what the Americans in general think about the University visit or as to why their is a general disliking for the IRanian president?…If you don’t mind that is 🙂

  2. I’m Canadian, but the news we get is all from the U.S. From what I understand, Ahmadenijad was invited to the American university. Americans in general feel that he is a terror-sponsoring tyrant. They are afraid if he gets nuclear weapons he’ll use them to eradicate the American’s ally Israel. They are also highly suspicious that he is supporting uprising against American soldiers in Iraq. (They may be wrong about all of these things, but they believe Mamud to be a hateful, scary man). Anyways, when the public heard that he was coming to speak at one of their universities, people became upset. The Dean of the College then introduced him as a hateful tyrant (which was ridiculous after he would have been one of the ones inviting him to speak in the first place). He received a lot of booing and heckling from the American crowd. Interestingly, I saw an Iranian news story that reported how well he was received. The propaganda goes both ways.

  3. You are probably right about the propaganda going both ways, because I thought probably Mr. Ahmedinejad must have had some idea as to he might not be received very cordially…still it doesn’t suit civilised people,esp those of academia to degrade someone.

    Anyways about the nuclear weapons and terrorist thing, you know I think that ppl from all antionalities combine to get some personal benefits….you know like the saying: “the foe of a foe is a friend”….Well wha can we say about the secrets of the high and mighty.

    Thnx Sir for the views and Sorry about the nationality thingy, I didn’t quite figure it out….btw to us Pakistanis Americans and Canadians seem to be same ppl…how are they differnt?

  4. Umm you must think me horribly curious, but I think there is nothing better than one on one from beyond borders, instead of simply relying on the TV and the internet. 🙂

  5. I’m happy to answer questions. remember I’m no expert, only a person with interest in some of these matters. If you’d prefer, I could send you some of these messages to you personally via email, or comment on your blog.

    Canadians and Americans are certainly very similar. Our governments are traditionally close, and we have always been allies. Our cultures are very similar, and we have similar entertainment, news, etc.

    i think where the differences lie, is in the fact that in general, Canadians are more liberal than the Americans. They tend to be more conservative on issues such as homosexuality, abortion, education, immigration, etc. I’m not saying this is goog/bad, it just tends to be this way.

    In general, we’re very similar. (Canadians have a better foreign policy 🙂

  6. Just saw this exchange, across borders and worlds on one man’s website, and it was so inspiring that I resolved to get my own blog going. Now I just have to get off my @ss — can I say “ass” on your site, Chris? — and do it!

    As for Canada’s foreign policy, it appears to be steadily deteriorating, unfortunately. I do believe it could be Harper’s Achilles heel once the next election rolls around.

  7. James good to hear from you! You told me you were going to get a blog going a long time ago. Get on it already. You’ve got lots to say, and I want a link to your blog on my blog roll. I believe the exchanges between people on blogs and across borders is the coolest part of blogging. R.Sameem is someone I’ve never met, but now I want to 🙂

    p.s. you just said ass

  8. He is liar , He always lie .
    I’m an iranian young and he made us crazy with his lies
    he always lie and lie and lie
    but thanks god I still breath in this bad situation in my country

  9. He is a liar , He always lie .
    I’m an iranian young and he made us crazy with his lies
    he always lie and lie and lie
    but thanks god I still breath in this bad situation in my country

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