3 comments on “Crap – Does This Mean I’m Getting Fatter?

  1. I don’t know about you…but I sure don’t need that kind of help in the weight department…maybe the pound has stayed the same…

  2. Well this has been an intriguing story….I even suggested to a friend of mine 2 days ago, that could it be a result of change in gravity actually 🙂 (Weight is dependant on it afterall and then again time is related to it too so since time seems to be moving relatively faster thus could there be some change in gravity itself….pretty far fetched, I know, but there’s always a theory in the beginning)

    BTW thnx for the link to the article….I didn’t know the definitions of meter and second….

  3. You’re right, everything begins with a theory. But if gravity was changing, shouldn’t the mass of all of the cylinders be different? I’m not sure. Good comment

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