3 comments on “Let’s Play God

  1. I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened…although who knew they would have given them a cool name?

    I wonder if the individuals “created” in this experiment will retain the same naming conventions? Fauns, Centaurs, etc.

  2. http://www.genpets.com/index.php

    Do see this link to see what bioengineering is into…almost on the road to ‘Child’s Play’ 😉

    Well money talks no doubt and I also appreciate the good intentions which the scientists on the project do have too but what I worry about are the after effects…..

    I mean who is going to be responsible if the great experiments were to go wrong….on the other hand, if there is no subject to try it on, how will things move on.

    What if we are keeping some great discovery from coming into being? I saw Parkinson’s suck life out of people….

    Playing God IS dangerous, but alas the all time wish of man too

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