6 comments on “The Worst Ways to Die: Movie Style

  1. Joan of Arc has been portrayed in a variety of movies. The end of the story has her being burned at the stake. This would be a tremendously painful way to go. This was often reserved for women – how kind.

  2. What if you like were shooting these bad guys when you get hit buy this Truck! You go flinging through the air, terrified, and then land on a knife. You get up and a lot of blood is coming out from your body! Then, you fall over Mount Everest and after about 3 minutes of falling freely, A huge pointy icicle stabs through your back, leaving you hanging there in pain. Right then, the weather turns into a blizzard! You freeze, and then after 365 days of being force fed puke so you can stay alive. you have frostbite on your legs, arms, lips, and your ears have been chewed off by bugs attracted by all the blood. Every time you move, you puke and scream cuz it hurts so much. Finally, you’re found, and is takn to a hospital, and with all your injuries, when you are about to hug your cute kids and wife you have not seen in a year, you trip and land on a bomb. You explode into a million pieces and everyone (including your family) dies. And for killing so many people, you go to hell, where you live each moment 5 times more painful then it was before, but it sucks because you cant die again and satans mean and you sleep in his fuckin puke! He stabs you all night AND TORTURES YOU SOOOO MUCH!

  3. In The Silence of The Lamb, The killers actually tear a person’s face off and then eats it as the victim screams because it hurts. That is a terrible way to die because of the pain in your face, and all the blood loss…

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