15 comments on “The Top Ten Canadian Athletes (as voted by me)

  1. I like a lot of your choices, but the one I don’t agree with is Messier. But I absolutely despise the guy, so making I shouldn’t have a say in his regard.

    Happy to see Crosby on the list, and I definitely agree with your choice as number 1.

    Good post.

  2. I think it’s a little ridiculous that you think putting a male figure skater on your list requires that you remind people of your sexuality. I can’t imagine that any relatively mature person would think that admiring an athlete who’s won countless World Championships in his sport and holds a record for Guinness World Records makes you gay. Seriously, grow up.

  3. Although i like some of your choices, Terry Fox being an obvious one, i think it’s rather strange that you have 5 hockey players, and all male i may add. What about inspirations like Lori-Ann Muenzer, who was the only female to bring home a gold medal at the Athens Olympics, being the fastest woman in the world in track cycling, and winning a medal at the Olympics at 38 years old? i would say that qualifies as top canadian athlete. Or how about Kyle Shewfelt, who was the the first ever Canadian to win an medal of any color in Artist gymnastics? I think you need to look outside the world of hockey and into the world of Canadian Atheletic Acheivement, and what athletes have done for their particular sport in Canada. As much as we are a hockey country, there is more to us than ice sports, and even then…why wouldn’t you mention one of the women from the Canadian women’s Olympic team. Two Gold medals back to back? Not even the men’s Canadian team can say that! with our without Gretzky…

  4. Uh, hello? Does the name Mike Weir ring a bell? He’s done more on the PGA Tour than any other Canadian in history He’s won 8 PGA events including the Masters, beat Tiger Woods head to head at the President’s Cup and has more than $24 million in earnings.

  5. I’ve just been looking over old posts. Isn’t it amazing how many great Canadian athletes we’ve had?! THere are some potential other-than-hockey athletes, but time will tell if they’re worthy to put on a list like this. Even though Sid the Kid just began his career, I would argue that he’s a household name way more so than Mike Weir. How do I know? More of my students are wearing Crosby jerseys or Reebok apparel than they are green jackets or Ping hats. (Or is it Bell?) Anyways, lot of other good choices too, it just so happens that hockey rules in Canada – and I don’t make the rules.

  6. Dude its all good, except you forgot georges st pierre. The guy is a tank and one of the best athletes on the planet. And im not just being biased cuz he does mma. 🙂 He has the proof with him though, I think he was voted one of the worlds top athletes?

  7. Great add on. This list was created before I ever began watching UFC, and if I were to remake it now, he’d definitely be on it. Can’t wait to see how he hammers out another win on July 11th.

  8. Jeremy Wotherspoon would be a great addition to this list. He’s dominated his sport for a decade. Doug Flutie is an American, however, and while a wonderful athlete in a Canadian league, not qualified.

  9. Cindy Klassen is indeed a girl, however Hayley Wickenheiser (SP) definitely would be a good add-on. And after the most memorable goal in Canada’s hockey history (my apologies Paul Henderson), Sydney moves up the list. Gold medal winning goal, and Stanley Cup team captain in one year! Wowza!

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