2 comments on “The Curse of The Kooman Interest

  1. hey chris…i too liked that show with rob schneider…it was called “men behaving badly”…it was a gooder! there are definitely lots of shows that seem to go on forever, way past their prime in fact! but one thing i will not agree with you on is your description of gilmore girls! it had a lot of dialog, yes, but that’s what made it such an awesome show!! i’m mourning it’s demise and will be for a long time…well until i can find another show that will keep me equally interested…all i can say is thank goodness for dvds…i can always watch gilmore girls again…

  2. men behaving badly, oh yes. I remember the final episode. A guy who actually replaced Rob Schneider wakes up from a supposed dream. He says man I just had the weirdest dream. I was replaced by the short dude from SNL and you were driving an ambulance to the ER. Anyways, Gilmore Girls still has too much dialogue. Glad you have it on DVD. Please never, ever lend it to Shana.

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