5 comments on “Sequels, Trilogies and Tetralogies, Oh My!

  1. thanks for the cheap shot (it was deserved). i HATE the latest star wars installments. yeah, i said it. i agree with your top 3, but might consider switching some of the order.

    i’m a little rattled that you haven’t posted any comments about my top ten movie moments yet… but, i’m tough, i’ll survive it.

  2. Wondering what order you would change? Matrix over Star Wars? I can see that. Although I feel Star Wars finished strong, Matrix kind of petered out. LOTR saved some of its best moments for last.

  3. Awesome post… I should have thought of this one. I’m really not sure how I would order these, but I’d probably agree with LOTR’s being ranked first. After that, it’s really hard, as I loved all of them, but am not a *huge* fan of any.


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