3 comments on “My Top Ten Foreign Fight Films (Part II)

  1. i like where you’re going with the list, but must admit some shock, even outrage.
    the fact that you did not include the italian film ‘the best of youth’ is forgiveable: the fact that it’s not on your list must indicate that you have yet to see it. you must! one of the BEST movies i’ve EVER seen.

    you must also see curaon’s “children of men.” he achieves things, cinematographically that have never been done before and should have been recognized by the ‘academy.’

    i think i’m just dumbfounded that neither “hero” nor “crouching tiger hidden dragon” appeared on your list. perhaps a grave oversight.

    please, also watch “maria full of grace” and “millions” and then re-evaluate things.

    sorry big brother, but i have to be firm on this.

  2. before you’re firm on anything, you should read the entire blog entry. this was not a top 10 foreign film list, but a foreign fight film list. and the movies had to meet 3 specific criteria. I haven’t seen any of the movies you mentioned, save Millions which would be on many top ten lists, it just didn’t have many fights.

  3. ok, i’m embarrassed for not reading closely enough (or at all), but i do think you should change your font size. smile.

    and i won’t even get into a discussion of how the films i suggested fall under the banner of fight films, because they can, and do, but existentially. but that wasn’t my angle when i boo-booed.

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