6 comments on “The Top Ten Movies I Thought Would be My Top Ten Movies (Part 2)

  1. hi
    i couldn’t agree more about The Last Action Hero , i think this is one bad movie! thx for the list! and the idea of the list, you don’t mind if i made one and posted it on my blog, do you ?

  2. Very good list, man.

    Dragonheart was a movie I actually really enjoyed. However, I was probably 12 or 13 when I watched it, so I may not enjoy it quite as much now. It was one of my favorites back in the day, though.

    I completely agree with Wild Wild West. Hyped as the next big blockbuster, I thought it sucked. I mean, there’s worse movies, but it’s the perfect fit for a list like this.

    I’ve never seen Dr. Moreau, so I can’t comment.

    Judge Dread is a movie I wanted to see sooo badly when I first saw a commercial for it. After all the horrid reviews, I ended up never seeing it, but I’ve still been curious to see it some day. Not sure if I ever will. I haven’t seen Last Action Hero, but it’s never sound interesting to me.

    Armageddon… its a tough one. I really like it when I first saw it, but even though I knew it was cheesy. I was very excited for it, and I can’t say I was let down. But I still knew it could have been much better. I’m still unsure where I stand on it.

    Good list though… I’ll have to think up mine.

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